Torrente Gorg Blau – ‘Sa Fosca’

6½ to 7½ h
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General information

Grade: Difficult (Experts Only!) Length: 6500 metres Descent: 580 metres Duration: 5 to 6 hours Canyoning and 1½ hours walk out
1 person: 285€ 2 people: 145€ 3 people: 99€

Explored for the first time in the 1960s, the Torrente Gorg Blau (commonly known as Sa Fosca), is the king of Mallorca’s canyons and one of the top 10 canyons in the world! Sa Fosca offers everything for experienced canyoneers; a long technical descent, 300 metre high walls and at some points the opening is no more than 40cms wide.

This excursion starts at the aquaduct where the Lluc road turns off to Sa Calobra. It’s a 15 minute walk to access the gorge from this point. Toward the mouth of the canyon, where it meets the Torrente de Lluc and Torrente de Pareis, there is a 400 metre section which is completely dark and torches are required. You must come prepared for the cold water that is present within the canyon all year round. In summer many of the pools are empty or very shallow so Sa Fosca is best after heavy rains.

From the end of Sa Fosca it is a 1½ hour walk up to Escorca.

Price per person:
1 person: 285€
2 people: 145€
3 people: 99€

For every three participants there is one guide.

What´s included?
All necessary equipment such as wetsuits, helmets, ropes, harnesses, canyoning packs and watertight containers.

What´s not included?
Transfers, food, drink, shoes, insurance.

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